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GrowHOMES Concept is on Par with Upcoming Trends for New Homes

We’ve known for a long time that our GrowHOMES are innovative and ahead of their time, and recently several articles have come out in the Wall Street Journal citing other industry experts backing up our ideas about the future of new home construction.

In an article titled “The Shrinking American Home” (1.13.11), the writer first noted that the average size of new homes has shrunk by about 3%.  This is in large part due to the fact that almost everyone’s bank account has shrunk and America’s newfound collective conscience is berating us to save more and spend less.

However, in addition to the size of homes shrinking, the article noted some very specific trends in home design  that we’re likely to see continue for at least the next couple of years. Here is an excerpt (the underlining is our emphasis):

“Down the road, many builders expect the family room area to increase, while little-used areas like the living room, entry foyer and dining room will likely take up less space. By 2015, great rooms—more flexible living space—could be the norm, the NAHB survey found.

Another expected change? Master bedrooms will be moved to the first floor, allowing older owners to avoid the stairs as they age in place. The kitchen of tomorrow, meanwhile, will probably include a double sink, recessed lighting and table space for eating”.

This article says these trends will happen “down the road,” but our GrowHOMES are offering all of these trends right now.  This article ends with an obvious statement – smaller homes aren’t for everyone – which is exactly the point of the GrowHOME.  Build a smaller home now that suits your current lifestyle and your budget and down the road when your family expands or you feel the need for more space, your GrowHOME has already been built with expansion in mind.  Check out our floorplans and you’ll see just how far ahead of the curve we are!

Even before "growing" your home, our Austin floorplan has all the latest trends according to this WSJ article.